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All of our historical clarinets and chalumeaux are made of boxwood with the exception of the chalumeau in F which is made of maple.



For these fore runners and a ralle e runners of the clarinet the music comes from the 1st half of the 18th century. Just as existed in Renaissance instruments, there is a complete range of pitches, of which we are making copies. We make these instruments in a=415 (original) but also in a=440 which is often requested.

Sound samples chalumeaux
sound samples of our chalumeaux are available at the homepage of Christian Leitherer
www.leitherer.de (you have to click on "Diskographie")

Baroque clarinets (a = 415 Hz)

(Figures not true to scale!)

Our D clarinet is copied from the famous 2-key Denner. The sound of the baroque clarinet is direct and full, as opposed to the classical clarinet. We also make a C clarinet in the style of the D clarinet.

Clarinets from the classical and early
romantic periods (a = 430 Hz)

From the many instruments which have been handed down, we chose those which seemed especially good in tuning, ease of speaking and sound:

For the A clarinet as well as the B-flat, we make a bassett lower joint, with 7 keys, for a full chromatic scale, that can be interchanged with the lower joint of the clarinet.

High romantic clarinets (a = 440 Hz)

For this we chose models after Ottensteiner, Munich. These instruments are made of stained boxwood, with keywork like the normal German 4 ring style, or copies of the Mühlfeld clarinet. We make these instruments in B-flat, A and also C.

Special sizes

On special order we can make, for example: