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"cheeky Tiger" | Young musicians | For your health!

Junior-Harmony and the "cheeky Tiger“

Oboes – clarinets – bassoons (mini-bassoons) are attractive because the small size, light weight and easy response are so appropriate for children.

By “Junior-Harmony” we mean a wind-ensemble fully equipped with children’s instruments, which can be arranged in different combinations as appropriate. For example one could combine a wind choir for the very young (with model K1, C1 and Fg 8) with a wind choir for older children (models K2, C2 and also Fg 5 and Fg 4).

And of course these smaller instruments will fit perfectly with their full-size cousins in ensemble combinations of your choice – be creative!

Mini Bassoons

We have long experience with mini-bassoons, and this has made it possible for us to offer a new model with ideal playing qualities. Our mini-bassoons are made from mountain maple with an ebonite lining exactly like the full-size bassoon. They are attractive because of the even response and full sound that is possible over the whole range using a relaxed embouchure. The tuning is stable in all registers using standard fingerings (models Fg4 and Fg5).


Our oboes are made from lightweight, hardy maple wood; the bore is lined with ebonite. They are appealing because they respond so easily and can be played with standard reeds. We offer models suitable for every teaching style.


Our clarinets are also made from lightweight, hardy maple wood; the bore is lined with ebonite. Their attractive sound allows them to blend well in any ensemble. All clarinets, even the smallest, are played using soft standard Bb.

Your country needs young musicians!

Our concern has always been to familiarise young children as early as possible with reed instruments, the oboe, clarinet and bassoon. Because there were no other examples to follow, we started to develop instruments ourselves that are appropriate in all respects to the needs of small children. As well as being easy to play, it is important that they reflect the latest developments in medical knowledge and research.

Why is this of importance?

For your health!

Our instruments’ mechanisms are always silver-plated
to protect against the rising number of allergies.