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Models C1 / C1 B / Models C2 plus / C2 B

Models C1 / C1 B / C2 plus / C2 B

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The C1 model is a clarinet pitched in C (low register) with 3 keys, developed from the chalumeau in C. The fingering is similar to the recorder to make it easier for beginners. It comes with a special mouthpiece for a shortened Bb reed.


The C1 B model is like the C 1 with approached Boehm fingering


The C2 plus model clarinet is pitched in C with a German-system mechanism adapted for children. The easy response, full sound and good tuning across the twelfths make it appealing to players. It comes with a Zinner C mouthpiece and uses a standard Bb reed.


The C2 B is like the C2 model with a Boehm system.

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